• Scuba dive with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen

    Shark dive - Bull shark extreme encounter

Bull Sharks diving in Playa del Carmen

Sharks are rare to see, during winter season we have the privilege to dive with bull sharks. They arrive to Playa del Carmen caribbean water´s when water temperature drops (November - February).

This close encounter is a guided shark dive, we get to the shark point by boat, enter quietly and descend quickly spending the less time possible on the surface.

Dive depth is between 60 feet - 18 meters and 80 feet - 24 meters on a sandy bottom.
Once on the bottom we remain on our knees and keeping your embers crossed so that you keep your hands still.
Avoid using shiny jewelry, check your air consumption frequently, observe and admire these awesome creatures.
Back on the surface remain calm and do not kick ... remember shark´s food is usually on the surface or middle waters.

Do you know that you have more chances to be kill by a falling coconut rathern than by a shark !

More information about bull sharks, watch this marine guide of Playa del Carmen.

You know which is the worst word for a shark ? HUMANS ! As much as we know about them, we will respect and understand these amazing creatures, without sharks the ocean is unbalanced, they are in danger, one of the reason is Shark Finning, help us to Stop this cruel activity, sharks are in danger of extinction, thanks to the hand of man, its population decrease markedly despite being animals that adapt and evolve.

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