• Grunt fish diving in Tulum reefs

Tulum scuba diving

Tulum dive sites belongs to the great mesoamerican barrier reef, the second largest coral barrier after the Australian one.
You will drift among beautiful tropical creatures living in the coral reef. Enjoy barracudas, morays, school of fish, rays, turtles and infinity of all kind of fish.

Tulum offers dive sites for all levels of experience, from shallow reefs to more advanced dive sites.
Tulum reefs: Stingray: easy reef at 8 meters - 25 feet, Cuevitas 10 meters - 33 feet, Dreams - Pool and Coquitos at 14 meters - 47 feet and Tankha at 30 meters - 100 feet.

Water temperature during summer season: 28 - 30 C (82 - 86 F)
Water temperature during winter season: 26 - 27 C (79 - 81 F)

During winter season enjoy a bull shark extreme and close encounter, free with them without cages ! - only 50 minutes away from Tulum !

Dive sites map in Tulum

flamingo tongue
green moray in Playa del Carmen reefs