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Padi Courses and certifications - Get your scuba license in Tulum

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the biggest diving organization in the world offers scuba diving courses from the first level, no experience is requiered.
If you have never tried scuba before, and are willing to explore for the first time the coral reefs or cenotes in Tulum, can start with Intro Dives, these dives are an experience not a certification course (do not need to study nothing or make any exam).
The first Padi course is Padi Scuba Diver, allows to dive up to 40 feet - 12 mts. and under professional supervition.
Padi Open Water course is the full certification, your passport to a new underwater life style, allows to dive up to 60 feet - 18 mts. with a buddy.
Padi Advanced Padi Open Water follows the Open Water and gives you more confidence and experience, can dive up to 100 feet - 30 mts.
The Rescue Padi Course develops your confident by learning to prevent dive stress situations and how to act if you are in a scene with a victim.
Padi E-learning courses, allows you to save time by doing the Academic portion of any course online.
What about starting your Padi course at your local dive center and finish it here with Dive Shop Tulum in the caribbean warm waters.
If it has been a while from your last dive, you can practice all you learnt by taking a Refresh course, it will take very little time and will give tremendous confidence.
The Nitrox - Enriched Air specialty course allows to extend the dive bottom time by absorving less nitrogen while diving.
The Emergency First Response Course teachs how to manage CPR and First Aids.

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