• Learn Nitrox diving in cenotes

    Want longer bottom time ? Take the Nitrox Padi Course

Nitrox - Enriched Air diver course in Tulum

Dive Shop Tulum offers the Nitrox Padi course, this specialty course teachs you how to plan your dives using enriched air tanks (22 - 40% Oxygen) instead air tanks (21% Oxygen). Enriched Air means the percentage of oxygen in the air mix is increased and the percentage of Nitrogen is reduced.
By doing this, we absorb less nitrogen and can have more bottom time to enjoy your dives.

Important to clear, if your air consumption at 18 meters - 60 feet is 40 minutes, with nitrox will be the same, somtimes there is a misconception that if you use nitrox you are able to spend more bottom time (you can spend more bottom time if your air consumption allows you to stay longer down there).

Other important misconception is that Nitrox is to dive deeper, during the Padi Nitrox course you will learn about depth and nitrox.

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nitrox course in Tulum
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